L Mount Right Angle Brack-It



Used to mount traffic signs, security devices, and enclosures.

Quick Overview

  • Used To Mount Traffic Signs, Security Devices, And Enclosures.
  • Withstands Stress And Wind Vibration With Specialty Designed Reinforcement Ribs.
  • Fully Threaded To Solidly Anchor Attachment Bolts.
  • Hex Head Bolts With Metal And Fiber Washer, No Nuts Required.
  • Applied With Band-It Band And Buckles, Band-Fast, Valu-Strap, Valu-Strap Plus, Or Ultra-Lok Systems.
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Part No. DescriptionPackage Quantity Package Weight
D00799L-Mount Right Angle Brack-It, 0.070" thick SS, includes two bolt holes suitable for 5/16" or 1/4" bolts. Solid anchor for signs mounted at right angle. Does not include bolts.50 / Box4.42.0

Additional Information

Manufacturer: Band-It
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