BAND-FAST is pre-cut and pre-assembled with a buckle. Ready to use!

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    Application Tools
  • C00169 Band-It Tool
  • C00369 Heavy Duty Band-It Tool
  • C07569 Bantam Tool
  • C40099 Ratchet Tool
  • J02069 Pok-It Ii Tool
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BAND-FAST Band with Clip

BAND-FAST is ready to use band, pre-cut and pre-assembled with a clip, buckle or seal. Pre-assembled product gives you an edge over your competition as it saves up to 30% time and labor costs for your large projects. Wherever you traditionally use band and buckle, or have a need for innovative products, BAND-FAST can do the job faster and with less scrap material!

BAND-FAST is also available in many different materials including: Alloy 400, Alloy 625, AL6XN®, Titanium, 316 and other upon request.

ProductMaterialWidthThicknessFinished LengthMaximum DiameterPackage QuantityPackage Weight
Single WrapDouble Wrap
L20399201 SS1/46.40.0200.511025250not suggested100/Box2.20.9
L20499201 SS1/46.40.0200.5116403.5881.538100/Box3.11.4
L20799201 SS1/46.40.0200.51194851272.563100/Box3.51.6
L20899201 SS1/46.40.0200.51266871773.588100/Box4.62.1
L21099201 SS1/46.40.0200.51348692284.5114100/Box5.62.6
L22199201 SS3/89.60.0250.6416403.5881.538100/Box6.22.8
L22999201 SS3/89.60.0250.644411212305615225/Box3.61.6
L24299201 SS1/212.70.0300.7618454102250100/Box10.54.8
L24699201 SS1/212.70.0300.7631788203410125/Box4.72.1
L26399201 SS5/815.90.0300.76215351272.563100/Box15.16.8
L27199201 SS5/815.90.0300.765614216406820325/Box9.04.1
L27399201 SS5/815.90.0300.7669508205081017525/Box10.74.8
L28499201 SS3/419.10.0300.762460615237650/Box10.94.9
L28899201 SS3/419.10.0300.76379310254512725/Box7.63.5
L29099201 SS3/419.10.0300.765012714355717725/Box9.74.4
L29299201 SS3/419.10.0300.766215718457922825/Box11.65.3
BAND-FAST is now available in standard lengths as well as custom lengths and materials. Call for special quote.

Additional Information

Manufacturer: Band-It
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