BAND-FAST is pre-cut and pre-assembled with a buckle. Ready to use!

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    Application Tools
  • C00169 Band-It Tool
  • C00369 Heavy Duty Band-It Tool
  • C07569 Bantam Tool
  • C08569 Bantam Strapping Tool
  • C40099 Ratchet Tool
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BAND-FAST is pre-cut and pre-assembled with a buckle. Ready to use!

  • Band-Fast Is Ready To Use Band, Pre-Cut And Pre-Assembled With A Clip, Buckle Or Seal. Pre-Assembled Product Gives You An Edge Over Your Competition As It Saves Up To 30% Time And Labor Costs For Your Large Projects. Wherever You Traditionally Use Band And Buckle, Or Have A Need For Innovative Products, Band-Fast Can Do The Job Faster And With Less Scrap Material!
  • Band-Fast Is Also Available In Many Different Materials Including: Alloy 400, Alloy 625, Al6Xn, Titanium, 316 And Other Upon Request.
  • Color-It Coatings Are Available In A Variety Of Colors And Types Providing Superior Performance And Manufactured With Your Specific Application In Mind. Whether You Are Color-Matching Decorative Light Poles, Identifying Materials, Or Matching Existing Hardware On Specific Projects, Color-It Has The Right Coating For Your Project Needs.

  • ProductMaterialWidthThicknessFinished LengthMaximum DiameterPackage QuantityPolyester
    Single WrapDouble WrapCoating
    BFES-A0830-020-P900C201 SS1/212.70.0300.762051410225125/BoxBlack9004
    BFES-A0830-02d-P900C201 SS1/212.70.0300.76246151272.56425/BoxBlack9004
    BFES-A0830-027-P900C201 SS1/212.70.0300.762769615237625/BoxBlack9004
    BFES-A0830-03d-P900C201 SS1/212.70.0300.7634868203410225/BoxBlack9004
    BFES-A0830-0d1-P900C201 SS1/212.70.0300.76411041025d512725/BoxBlack9004
    BFES-A0830-0d8-P900C201 SS1/212.70.0300.764812212305615225/BoxBlack9004
    BFES-A0830-055-P900C201 SS1/212.70.0300.765514014356717825/BoxBlack9004
    BFES-A0830-069-P900C201 SS1/212.70.0300.766917518d57922925/BoxBlack9004
    BFES-A0830-076-P900C201 SS1/212.70.0300.7676193205081025415/BoxBlack9004
    BFES-A0830-090-P900C201 SS1/212.70.0300.7690229246101230515/BoxBlack9004
    BFES-A1230-020-P900C201 SS3/419.10.0300.762051410225125/BoxBlack9004
    BFES-A1230-024-P900C201 SS3/419.10.0300.76246151272.56425/BoxBlack9004
    BFES-A1230-027-P900C201 SS3/419.10.0300.762769615237625/BoxBlack9004
    BFES-A1230-034-P900C201 SS3/419.10.0300.7634868203410225/BoxBlack9004
    BFES-A1230-041-P900C201 SS3/419.10.0300.764110410254512725/BoxBlack9004
    BFES-A1230-048-P900C201 SS3/419.10.0300.764812212305615225/BoxBlack9004
    BFES-A1230-055-P900C201 SS3/419.10.0300.765514014356717825/BoxBlack9004
    BFES-A1230-069-P900C201 SS3/419.10.0300.766917518457922925/BoxBlack9004
    BFES-A1230-076-P900C201 SS3/419.10.0300.7676193205081025415/BoxBlack9004
    BFES-A1230-090-P900C201 SS3/419.10.0300.7690229246101230515/BoxBlack9004

    BAND-FAST with COLOR-IT coatings are available in other colors and BAND-IT can match any color. Call for quote, (303) 320-4555

    Additional Information

    Manufacturer: Band-It
    For More Information on the BAND-FAST with COLOR-IT Band, [Click Here] to Link to Manufacturer Web Site

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