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  • C00169 Band-It Tool
  • C00369 Heavy Duty Band-It Tool
  • C07569 Bantam Tool
  • C08569 Bantam Strapping Tool
  • C40099 Ratchet Tool
  • J02069 Pok-It Ii Tool
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Stainless Steel Clip
  • 201 Stainless Steel Offers Good Resistance To Oxidation And Many Moderate Corrosive Agents
  • Can Hold A Single Or Double Wrapped Band Configuration
  • Band Clamps Can Be Formed Over Any Contour Or Shape
  • Can Be Applied On 1/4" Band-It Band With The Following Band-It Tools: C00169, C00369, C07569, J02069

  • ProductMaterialWidthPackage QuantityWeight
    C25299201/301 Stainless Steel1/46.4100/Box0.30.1
    L15399201/301 Stainless Steel3/89.6100/Box0.90.4
    L15499201/301 Stainless Steel1/212.7100/Box1.50.7
    L15599201/301 Stainless Steel5/815.9100/Box1.80.8
    L15699201/301 Stainless Steel3/419.1100/Box2.61.2
    Clip style
    BAND-IT 1/4" Buckles must be used with BAND-IT 1/4" stainless steel banding products. For 1/4" wide uncoated materials we offer this universal design clip style.


    BAND-IT Valuclips are used on BAND-IT Band, BAND-IT Band with COLOR-IT, BAND-FAST, VALU-STRAP, VALU-STRAP PLUS, Valuband, 304 Stainless Steel Band, and 316 Stainless Steel Band.

  • 200/300 Stainless Steel, Economical And Easy To Install
  • Utilized In Light Duty And General Use Banding Applications
  • Clip Can Hold A Single Or Double Wrapped Band Configuration
  • Used Frequently For Cable Bundling, Insulation And Hose Bundling Applications
  • Can Be Applied On Band-It Band With The Following Band-It Tools: C00169, C00369, C07569

  • ProductMaterialWidthPackage QuantityWeight

    316 StainlessSteel Clip

    ProductMaterialWidthPackage QuantityWeight
    AE4529316 SS1/46.4100/Box0.30.1
    AE4539316 SS3/89.6100/Box0.60.3
    AE4549316 SS1/212.7100/Box1.00.4
    AE4559316 SS5/815.9100/Box1.10.5
    AE4569316 SS3/419.1100/Box1.30.6

    Additional Information

    Manufacturer: Band-It
    For More Information on the BAND-IT Clip Style Buckles, [Click Here] to Link to Manufacturer Web Site

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