BAND-IT Band with COLOR-IT Polyester Coating



201 Stainless Steel, coated with COLOR-IT Polyester coating.

Quick Overview

    Application Tools
  • C00169 Band-It Tool
  • C00369 Heavy Duty Band-It Tool
  • C07569 Bantam Tool
  • C08569 Bantam Strapping Tool
  • C40099 Ratchet Tool
  • J02069 Pok-It Ii Tool
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201 Stainless Steel, Coated With Color-It® Polyester Coating.  Color-It® Polyester Coating Is An Exterior Polyester Paint Coating That Provides Excellent Abrasion And Uv Resistance.  Products Coated With Color-It® Work With Standard Banding Tools.

Color-It Coatings Are Available In A Variety Of Colors And Types Providing Superior Performance And Manufactured With Your Specific Application In Mind. Whether You Are Color-Matching Decorative Light Poles, Identifying Materials, Or Matching Existing Hardware On Specific Projects, Color-It Has The Right Coating For Your Project Needs.

  • Color-It Coatings Come In A Wide Range Of Colors, And Offer Superior Performance, Uv Resistance And Durability
  • Utilized In General Use Banding Applications
  • Perfect For Color Identification And/Or Matching Decorative Needs
  • Comes In A Durable Clear Plastic Tote For Easy Dispensing
  • Installs Easily With The Following Tools: The Standard Banding Tool (C00169), The Heavy Duty Banding Tool (C00369), The Bantam Tool (C07569), The Bantam Strapping Tool (C08569) And The Rachet Tool (C40099)

  • ProductWidthThicknessStandard ColorsRAL Package QuantityWeightUse With Buckle Type
    C204C9-P0001/212.70.0300.76White9016Clear Tote-1001 Roll5.12.3C25499L15499C72499
    C204C9-P1001/212.70.0300.76Red3001Clear Tote -100'Roll5.12.3C25499L15499C72499
    C204C9-P2001/212.70.0300.76Orange2008Clear Tote -100'Roll5.12.3C25499L15499C72499
    C204C9-P3001/212.70.0300.76Yellow1018Clear Tote -100'Roll5.12.3C25499L15499C72499
    C204C9-P3021/212.70.0300.76Tan1001Clear Tote -100'Roll5.12.3C25499L15499C72499
    C204C9-P4001/212.70.0300.76Green6032Clear Tote -100'Roll5.12.3C25499L15499C72499
    C204C9-P5001/212.70.0300.76Blue5002Clear Tote -100'Roll5.12.3C25499L15499C72499
    C204C9-P5501/212.70.0300.76Lt. Blue5012Clear Tote -100'Roll5.12.3C25499L15499C72499
    C204C9-P6001/212.70.0300.76Purple4008Clear Tote -100'Roll5.12.3C25499L15499C72499
    C204C9-P7001/212.70.0300.76Gray7036Clear Tote -100'Roll5.12.3C25499L15499C72499
    C204C9-P8001/212.70.0300.76Brown8002Clear Tote -100'Roll5.12.3C25499L15499C72499
    C204C9-P9001/212.70.0300.76Black9004Clear Tote -100'Roll5.12.3C25499, C25499-D900L15499C72499
    C206C9-P9003/419.10.0300.76Black9004Clear Tote -100 Roll7.63.4C25699, C25699-D900L15699C72699
    COLOR-IT is available in standard roll band, BAND-FAST and various buckles, brackets and clips. 12 standard colors are available & availability is stock to 10 days. Other colors are available on request.

    Additional Information

    Manufacturer: Band-It
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