316 Stainless Steel Band - Uncoated and Coated



Superior corrosion resistance in typical atmospheres and fresh water.

Quick Overview

    Application Tools
  • C00169 Band-It Tool
  • C00369 Heavy Duty Band-It Tool
  • C07569 Bantam Tool
  • C08569 Bantam Strapping Tool
  • C40099 Ratchet Tool
  • J02069 Pok-It Ii Tool
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Superior Corrosion Resistance In Typical Atmospheres And Fresh Water. Available With Halogen Free Coating (Ppa 571) For Additional Corrosion Resistance And Smoother Edges.

Band-It Band Is The Industry Standard In 316 Stainless Steel Banding. Band-It Band Offers High Strength Fastening And Clamping And Can Be Formed To Any Diameter And Shape.

  • 316 Stainless Steel Banding With Superior Corrosion Resistance In Marine Atmospheres, Mild Chemicals And Fresh Water
  • Used With Band-It Ear-Lokt Buckles
  • Utilized In General Use Banding Applications For Marine Splash Zone
  • Comes With Easy Scale Patented Imprint On The Band To Quickly Determine Band Length Without Waste
  • Installs Easily With The Following Tools: The Standard Banding Tool (C00169), The Heavy Duty Banding Tool (C00369), The Bantam Tool (C07569), The Bantam Strapping Tool (C08569) And The Rachet Tool (C40099)

  • 316 Stainless Steel Uncoated Band
    ProductMaterialWidthThicknessAverage Breaking Strength (Lbs.)Package QuantityWeight
    C40299316 SS1/46.40.0200.51400100' Roll2.00.9
    C40399316 SS3/89.60.0250.64750100'Roll3.51.6
    C403Y9316 SS3/89.60.0250.64750Yellow Tote MOO' Roll3.71.7
    C40499316 SS1/212.70.0300.761200100'Roll4.92.2
    C404B9316 SS1/212.70.0300.761200Blue Tote/100'Roll5.62.6
    C40599316 SS5/815.90.0300.761500100'Roll6.22.8
    C405G9316 SS5/815.90.0300.761500Green Tote/100'Roll6.93.1
    C40699316 SS3/419.10.0300.761800100'Roll7.53.4
    C406R9316 SS3/419.10.0300.761800Red Tote/100'Roll8..23.7
    C44499316 SS1/212.70.0150.38600200' Roll5.72.6
    C444B9316 SS1/212.70.0150.38600Blue Tote/200'Roll5.82.7
    C44599316 SS5/815.90.0150.38750200' Roll6.73.0
    C445G9316 SS5/815.90.0150.38750Green Tote/200'Roll6.93.1
    C44699316 SS3/419.10.0150.38900200' Roll8.33.8
    C446R9316 SS3/419.10.0150.38900Red Tote/200'Roll8.43.8
    These products available in Mill coil.

    316 Stainless Steel Coated Band (PPA 571 Coating)
    ProductMaterialWidthThicknessAverage Breaking Strength (Lbs.)Package QuantityWeight
    AE4329316 SS1/46.40.048"1.22"33582.5ROI2.00.9
    AE4339316 SS3/89.60.048"1.22"50582.5' Rol2.61.2
    AE4349316 SS1/212.70.048"1.22"67082.5 Rol3.51.6
    AE4359316 SS5/815.90.048"1.22"84082.5' Rol4.42.0
    AE4369316 SS3/419.10.048"1.22"100082.5' Rol5.32.4
    Material thickness includes PPA 571 Coating - Base material thickness is 0.015

    Additional Information

    Manufacturer: Band-It
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